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Sherlock & Mary

Let’s get lost forever

Let’s get lost forever

Be yourself

People change when you aren’t looking,
They hide behined those masks,
Leaving you to wonder,
Was it real from the start?

Don’t forget me they say,
When they walk past you,
Throwing salt in your open wounds,
Leaving you feeling worthless.

They change so many times,
It’s hard to know what’s real,
Yet you care, you hope,
That some day they’ll feel what you did.

Don’t fret, don’t regret,
It’s their loss not yours,
One day they’ll wake up alone,
With no one by their side.

Dont change yourself to fit in,
Being yourself isnt a sin,
Cause someday you’ll find someone,
Who’ll respect you for who you are.

They wont ask you to change,
They’ll just say, stay the same,
Being yourself isn’t a sin,
Don’t wear a mask just to fit in…

London Eye

London Eye


Sherlock Holmes, the actual king of adorable

sherlock in a nutshell


poor little thing


the detective in the funny hat?


the detective in the funny hat?

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whenever i feel pretty good about myself, this pretty girl comes by and my self esteem drops again

stop walking by mirrors

damn, that was smooth.

i really like this trend on tumblr where people turn these kinds of posts into uplifting ones rather than sarcastically bagging on someone like we used to. i hope this stays around


hello, goodbye.

Marshmallow delish

Marshmallow delish